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Author Kevin Surface is pleased to announce the publication of his first novel, "The Cuban Connection". A novel of espionage and intrigue, "The Cuban Connection" presents a fictional account of the historic events surrounding Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's rise to power and the various factions who join together in a bold and daring plot to end his life.

We are also excited to announce Kevin's book sigining on January 30th from 2-5 at the New Barnes & Noble on the IUPUI campus downtown. Kevin is their VERY First featured Author and their Very First book signing.


It's New Year's Eve 1958 and Fidel Castro has mobilized his forces for the long-awaited overthrow of the Cuban government precipitating a chain of events that will alter an eight year old boy's life forever.

Miguel Fuentes , the son of one of the richest men in Cuba , has lived a life of unrivaled luxury. But, at the age of eight, his entire life changes when, in the dead of night, he is whisked from his home and clandestinely taken from the Revolution-torn island of Cuba to the perceived safety of the United States . Fast-forward twenty years and the boy resurfaces as a deadly assassin for hire, known only as "El Nino," whose mercenary services are doled out to the highest bidder.

Lance Almond, a loner, has "eliminated" more targets than he cares to remember . Almond is a deep cover CIA agent who prefers to work solo. When recruited for his next assignment by the CIA Director himself, Almond realizes that this undertaking will be one of the biggest challenges of his career. To make things more complicated, he is informed that he will not be doing the job alone.

Kate Beckett is an up and coming star in the FBI's New York Field Office. She is determined to break the glass ceiling imposed on her by a male-dominated law enforcement agency. She doesn't care who she has to work with, as long as she gets promoted to a field office of her own. Or, does she?

Find out if the two agents will be able to work together to foil one of the most sinister assassination plots ever conceived. "The Cuban Connection" offers a fast-paced story line filled with intriguing plot twists that will keep the reader guessing right to the very end.


"The Cuban Connection" is available in all Indianapolis Borders locations, as well as through and directly from the publisher, For more news, including information about future in-store appearances, check this page often or sign up to be on the mailing list.

Meet the author of this exciting new Novel. Fans can meet the author at scheduled book signings taking place on Friday March 23rd, Borders Downtown Indy at 11 S. Meridian St. on the corner of Meridian and Washington, Noon to 3pm, and Saturday April 28th, Borders in Bloomington, IN on 2634 E. 3rd St. in Eastland Plaza just west of the College Mall, 2 to 5pm.

Excerpt of letter from Kelly Mumm, District Marketing Manager, Borders.
"Congratulations to both you and Kevin for a very successful signing! Both of you have done a great job at promoting. Hats off to both of you. I heard wonderful news from John the GM at Greenwood. I hope you were pleased with the resuts. I wish you much success at the River Crossing signing in a couple of weeks. I look forward to yur feedback.
Sincerely, Kelly Mumm"

Pictures from Kevin Surface's recent book signing at River Crossing Border's in Indianapolis