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The Cuban Connection by Kevin Surface Reviews

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"The Cuban Connection is an edge of seat read! A large scale thriller that draws a reader in from page one. A crisp action story that is believable and well written. Author Kevin L. Surface has created a novel that is provocative and riveting. The story seduces a reader right from the start with intense and atmospheric characters that jump off the pages. The twists and turns of the storylines create an attitude that demonstrates the craftsmanship and passion of the author. It is a book that is wonderfully imaginative and yet completely grounded in presentation."
- Book Review by J. Andy Murphy of WriteStuff Writers. NOTE: This 4 Star review by Andy is the first ever 4 Star review given by a WriteStuff Writers reviewer!

The Cuban Connection is billed as a novel of espionage and intrigue, and the description fits it well.

While reading, I couldn't help but imagine which actors would play the characters in the movie version. The action-packed book reminded me of "The Bourne Identity" series of movies, although with more substance.

Author Kevin Surface goes into great background detail to introduce his characters and this is one book where each character is actually believable. Although fictional, the book combines just enough true history to leave readers wondering.

The story begins in 1950's Cuba, introducing various characters along the way to Fidel Castro's overthrow of the Cuban government in 1958. Fast forward to modern day U.S. to meet additional characters and then follow along as their paths cross those of the characters we met earlier in the book.

Readers get an inside look at the FBI, the CIA, the mafia, the government, and various "bad guys" involved in world espionage.

The book takes so many twists and turns that you never know what's going to happen on the next page or two. And the surprise ending suggests there just might be a sequel. I hope so!

Bonus: Surface is an Indianapolis native.

Kathy Linton "My Bookshelf" published in Hendricks County Family

"Reading Kevin Surface's "The Cuban Connection" put me in mind of a train ride. The opening chapters pass slowly as the author takes his time getting out of the station. While the plethora of minute details provided the sights, sounds and feelings to transport me to a different time and place, I was on board for the promise of a faster-moving tale of espionage and intrigue. Just as I begin to wonder when the action would kick in, Surface's train picks up speed and I find myself riding the rails in anticipation of unfolding twists and turns in the plot."

"Great job for a first-time writer."

Harriet Brown IUPUI Alumni Magazine

"I absolutely loved the book! I passed it on to my mom who also loved it. It was a fantastic page turner. At the end of each chapter I couldn't wait to read the next. I have never rooted for the bad guy (Miguel) so much while reading. The story line and characters were believable from start to finish. I want to know more about Miguel and how he continues his life. I would love to see a short book about the life of Miguel from when he landed in America until we meet him later in life. What happened to him? How exactly did he come to be the top assassin in the world. For your first novel I must say it was perfection. Please keep them coming. Good luck in your future endeavors!"
- Chrissy Dabbs

"Kevin Surface has created a real page turner. His passion for history and story telling set this apart from other novels. I say well-done Kevin, have a cigar!"
- PJ Christie

"Thank you for the prayers for my son! He loves the book. He has always liked Grisham, but he says you beat him hands down!!"
- Mark & Matt Flint

"It was great! When you said there might be a sequel, you had me wondering how until the very end. I guess I kind of had a soft spot in my heart for El Nino as well as the other three who were after him. Will be waiting for more! It had the right mixture, intriguing plot and great characters!"
- June Dawson

"I could not put the book down. The history lesson in the first section is something everyone should read and understand. The intrigue and tension in the second section kept me turning the pages until I reached the suprising end. Great book, I am looking forward to the continuing story of El Nino and those who pursue him."
- David Hampton

"When I first picked up the book, it so grabbed my attention, that I couldn\'t put it down until I was finished. I believe that this book will either be a movie or be made into a sequel. The best book that I've read in a long time. Very impressive!!"
- Christina Pittman