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Kevin Surface Bio

Kevin Surface, author of The Cuban Connection

For Kevin Surface, his passion for books started at an early age. As young as eight years old, he recalls asking his mother to take him to the local bookstore, where he searched the shelves for something to read. Fascinated with mysteries even at this early age, here Kevin discovered the Hardy Boys mystery series. After devouring every volume on the bookstore's shelves, the young boy kept staff busy, asking when the next volume was set to arrive. By the time he was in fifth grade, Kevin was reading biographies of his favorite sports heroes and teams. He would take every chance he could to read, and was often found immersed during lunch breaks, eating with one hand, while holding an open book with the other. He began putting his own thoughts to paper, honing his writing skills. By junior high school, he'd developed a keen interest in history, government and politics. As a seventh grader, he was voted Best History Student at his local public school, where he also discovered, that in the world of test-taking, he excelled in the essay variety.

After high school Kevin majored in Political Science at Indiana University at Indianapolis , graduating with a B.A. in Liberal Arts in 1981. Throughout his college career, he studied American politics and government, pursuing graduate-level courses in international politics. During this time, Kevin kept busy, reading a variety of non-fiction works dealing with national and international figures, from John F. Kennedy to Richard Nixon and Nikita Khruschev to Anwar el Sadat. But it was "The Washington Pay-off" by Robert N. Winter-Berger that piqued his interest in political intrigue. With the Watergate scandal fresh in the air, he proceeded to read every book he could find regarding this topic. This led to a consuming desire to read all he could relating to political scandals, including the Bay of Pigs fiasco and the Cuban Missile Crisis, and their international impact.

Shortly after graduating from college, Kevin took on a part-time evening job with United Parcel Service and worked part-time during the day at his family's insurance agency, until 1985, when he left United Parcel Service and decided to become a full-time insurance agent. It was during this time that his literary interests shifted from non-fiction to fiction. As with the Hardy Boys mysteries from his childhood, Kevin found himself pursuing books that satisfied his thirst for mystery and suspense. Political intrigue, assassination plots and spy thrillers were all fair game while, for the next 25 years, he continued to read literally hundreds of novels in this genre.

As he read, discovering new authors along the way, it began to dawn on Kevin that he had all the ingredients at hand to write such a novel himself: love of history and politics, combined with years of reading so many novels of this genre, which planted the seed of an idea that was to become his first novel. What started as insistent chatter evolved into an actual project when, in November 2001, his wife Monica, presented him with a laptop computer and told him to "stop talking about it and get to work ".

And work he did. Kevin spent the next five years using all of the knowledge and imagination he had developed through so many years of reading and learning, working consistently to obtain his goal of completing a novel. In January of 2006, with a lot of life's twists and turns thrown in along the way, "The Cuban Connection" was finished, and a year later, he was able to hold the published copy, printed and bound, in his hands. While writing and publishing a book can be a harrowing process, Kevin finished the book with a renewed spirit, comparing the completion of the book to the completion of a dream. He is currently working on a story line for a sequel to the novel, as he continues what he calls "the flying carpet ride" of his life.

Author Kevin Surface is a partner at an independent insurance agency in Indianapolis , where he lives with his wife, Monica, and two children, Luke and Rachel.